Finding Value in Wastewater

As engineers of wastewater treatment systems it’s our responsibility to not only design and deliver a solution that does its job, but one that leverages the best technology to make positive financial impact on plant owners and stakeholders. We’re to explore the best ways of finding value in wastewater.

The dissolved air flotation (DAF) process is widely used across the food processing industry and this presentation explores an approach aimed at finding hidden value in the wastewater treatment process.

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FRC Presents at GAWP Industrial Conference 2015

The Georgia Association of Water Professionals held this year’s industrial conference in Athens, Georgia on March 17-18. The event draws engineers, consultants, manufacturers, and vendors from all over the state to network and share knowledge, while discussing new and emerging ideas relevant to the industry in Georgia.

FRC presented a talk titled, “Dual Stage Treatment and Advanced Product Recovery in Industrial Effluents”. In the talk, we discussed the design considerations of several industrial wastewater treatment systems designed with a product recovery approach, as well as the financial benefits of each respective facility’s successful execution of the process. Attendee came away from the session having learned about:

  • Product recovery process design
  • Equipment design considerations
  • Projects in heavy machining, poultry processing, and protein rendering
  • Financial benefits of product recovery

For more information about the GAWP industrial conference 2015, visit the GAWP website at